Party Time!

It’s Christmas time, and for many that also means party time!

Christmas Party

But what does party time mean to you? A night out with friends and/or colleagues? A Christmas meal? Lots of drinking? Lots of dancing? Very late night or even an early morning?

And what about the day after the party, how do you feel? Hangover? Little recollection of events from the previous night? Exhausted? Memories of a night full of fun?

Sadly for many, Christmas night‘s out are all about drinking lots of alcohol and getting into a state that means they are not in control of their actions, and will have little memory of anything they have said or done. For me that’s not a good night out, that’s just a waste of money!

You can have a great night out and have fun spending time with friends, without the need for alcohol…trust me on that one as I’m talking from experience!

christmas party2I find it quite annoying when people assume that just because I don’t drink I can’t enjoy a good night out! I’m sorry to break all your preconceptions, but not drinking and having fun aren’t mutually exclusive!

Please don’t misunderstand my message today, I am not against people drinking, I am against people drinking to excess, because after all what does that achieve both for the person doing the drinking and those who have to look after them…I’ll let you answer that question yourself.

In conclusion, if you’re attending a Christmas party in the run up to Christmas, I hope you have a great night out, but even more so I’d ask you not to drink to excess but instead drink responsibly. 

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