Welcome to 2013!

Welcome New Year 2013

Welcome to 2013! I hope it’s a guid’un for you and yours.

I’m quite pleased to see the back of 2012, as just like 2011, it wasn’t the best year for me or my family.

So what about 2013, what am I hoping to achieve this year?

The main thing I’m hoping for this new year is that all my family and friends have a much healthier 2013 than 2012, but I guess I’m not going to be the only person hoping for better health for family/friends!

Other than that, like last year I’m not going to make any new year resolutions as I always think they’re doomed to fail. Instead I’m just going to set myself some goals/aim for my year. This time though, based on how I found measuring my aims last year, I’m setting less goals this time and making them more prescriptive.

So here’s my list of goals/aims for 2013, in no particular order:

  • Lose another 11lbs
  • Spend 5 minutes praying every morning
  • Think before I speak! – It’s not so much what I say sometimes that’s the problem, but how I say it!
  • Play tennis at least once by Easter, and at least 10 times by end of August
  • Challenge myself to look at old things in a new way, and new things with an open mind

Come the end of 2013, I wonder how many of these goals I’ll be able to say, “yes I’ve achieved that”, only the next 363 days will tell!

Whatever your aims for 2013, or your new year’s resolutions, I pray your year may be one in which you experience God‘s love for you, your friends and your family… whatever 2013 may have in store for you.

Have a great 2013! God bless.

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