How Much Love?

What’s the best news you’ve ever been given? Maybe the news that you’ve passed your exams, or someone you care about telling you they love you?

Those things may be great news, but the best news that you will ever come to acknowledge, is that God loves you!

God’s love is unconditional unlike the love we experience from so many people during our lives. You don’t even need to do anything for God to love you, because before you were even born, God knew you and promised to love you always.

How Loved Am I by Lara Martin

O Lord, you are my keeper, 
I will never be in want;
You hold me close, so tender, 
And quiet me with love.
And I hear You singing over me,
I hear You singing over me.

Songs of countless promises,
Like kisses from heaven they fall.
‘How loved am I.’
Songs that take me to higher heights,
Such favour I know is divine.
‘How loved am I, how loved am I.’

O Lord, You are my keeper,
My heart is safe with You.
Though in life there will be valleys,
You take my hand and lead me through.

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