Amazing love
How can it can
That thou my God should die for me

I find it totally amazing that someone should died just so I can forever be forgiven of my sins. I don’t know about you, but I know of no-one else that would actually be willing to give their life for me.

Christ died over 2 thousand years ago, but still we celebrate His life, and His death after all these years. Who else can we say that about?!

As I’ve said several times over the last few days, I feel so humble and inadequate at all God has sacrificed for me, and all He continues to do for me. However, I know I can repay God for all the love He shows me on a daily basis, by giving the whole of my life to God.

How about you, are you thanking God for all he does for you by giving your life to Him? If you haven’t done so yet, today, Easter Monday is your day to say “Yes“, to Christ!

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