Just As You Are

There seems to have been a theme to my thoughts this week, and also to the random music selection on my ipod at times!

Between yesterday’s blog post, Wrong Place, Wrong Time, when I was reminded of the song Just As I Am, and circumstances which led me to putting my ipod on the other day and it randomly choosing to play Come Just As You Are, I think God is trying to remind me of something…

God loves each one of us, warts and all! We all have our failings and while we are all guilty of pointing out one another’s failings sometimes, God is still willing to accept us, just as we are.

So whether you think you’ve nothing to offer God, or whether you think you’ve everything to offer Him; whether you’ve a few faults or whether you feel you have more faults than plus points, God wants you…in fact He wants you to come just as you are…

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