Body language is one our most subtle, yet important modes of communication. Understanding body language (often known as non-verbal communication) enables us to positively develop our communication style, and improve our relationships with people around us. On the other hand it can also be the thing which betrays us by showing others what we really think! Either way, body language is an important communication method, so by understand our own body language we can be more aware of our own body language and thus show better self-control in every situation.

Body-LanguageBody language is not just about how we hold and move our bodies as it cover all of the following:

  • how we position our bodies
  • our closeness to and space between us and other people, and how this changes as we interact
  • our facial expressions
  • our eyes – especially and how our eyes move and focus
  • how we touch ourselves and others
  • how our bodies connect with other things, such as pens, jewellery, glasses and clothing
  • our breathing
  • our heartbeat and pulse

You may be surprise to know that when talking about body language, we are not usually referring to the speed at which we speak or the  pitch, intonation or volume of our voice.

So if we can control all the things in the above list, we can show self-control in every situation we find ourselves in. How easy does that sound? Unfortunately it is often very difficult to recognise what our own  body language is, let alone change it so that we don’t give out mixed signals!

Be conscious of all body language you show others, and which are the negative ones so you can focus on changes those first. Good luck!



  1. themantisshrimp says:

    I have heard that body language accounts for about 80% of what we communicate. I wouldn’t doubt it.

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