Which? #3

Today is all about options again – I’m going to give you two items at a time, and you have to choose which either best describes you or which you prefer:

  1. City or countryside
  2. Xbox or Wii
  3. Night out or night in
  4. Christmas or Easter
  5. Cats or dogs
  6. Black or white
  7. Work or leisure
  8. Supermarket or local store
  9. Public transport or own car
  10. Brass band or orchestra

A variety of questions, some about your personality, some about your preferences. Whatever your answers, together they define who you are.

In case you’re wondering here’s my answerslogo_your_preferences_final

  1. City
  2. Wii
  3. Night in
  4. Easter
  5. Cats
  6. Black
  7. Leisure of course!
  8. Supermarket
  9. Own car
  10. Brass band

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