Nelson Mandela 1918 – 2013

On the day when the biggest man in African history is laid to rest, what else could I possibly feature in my blog today?!

I am no expert in politics or African history, however I have lived my life during some of the highs and lows of Nelson Mandela‘s life. I wasn’t even born when Mandela was sentenced to life imprisonment for sabotage, but I remember very well in 1981 when Glasgow was  the first city to honour him by awarding him freeman of the city. Mandela was not allowed to leave his prison cell in South Africa to accept the award and this seemed to incite the worldwide calls to set Mandela free.

My Dad was always very knowledgeable about politics and I remember him telling me more about Mandela and how life was for blacks in South Africa in those days. Little did we know then that Mandela would later become the first elected black president of South Africa, and a world renowned and much respected leader who in his time here on earth changed his homeland for the better far more than many other politicians can ever hope to achieve in their lifetime.

Here is a quote from Mandela which I’m sure you’ve all read or heard before, but it’s one that I’ve contemplated so many times, simply because its truth:




Finally, here’s a song by Simple Mind which was one written to celebrate Mandela’s release from prison. It’s simply called Mandela Day. which seems just as appropriate to use today as the world says farewell to one of the most influential men of our era.



Rest in peace Nelson Mandela. You changed your country and the world for the better. Well done.



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