A Baby Changes Everything


Following on from yesterday’s blog post, Mary’s Story, I want you to consider a little bit more how Mary felt when God asked her to give birth to His Son.

This time however instead of focusing on how her faith in God, I want to think about the woman called Mary, who must have been scared and frightened. She must have worried how Joseph would feel about her news and how her friends would treat her as in those days, being an unmarried mother was considered to bring disgrace to the family.

This whole side of Mary, just like yesterday, confirms just how strong Mary’s belief and trust in God was. She didn’t hesitate in agreeing to God’s wishes, despite the reservations she must have been feeling.

So again today I challenge you to be a brave and trusting as Mary, and accept God’s directions for your life. God knows what is best for your life, and He knows better than anyone what you are capable of, so don’t hesitate to say to God today, Mary didn’t all those years ago!

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