Making Him Your Present

Yesterday, I urged you to make a new start with God at this start of this new year (A New Year and a New Start), but I know for some of you that may be difficult because of things that have happened in your past where maybe you’ve questioned God’s reason for letting something to happen, or maybe the complete opposite, maybe you feel God let you down by not being there for you when you needed him most, or maybe you were let down by people who said they were Christians but in fact acted in a completely un-Christlike manner towards you.

hands reaching to each otherWhatever your past history with God, God is still waiting for you to turn to Him and is reaching out to you to take His hand. Even if you thought God deserted you in the past, I can assure you that He did not because God always answers our prayers, maybe not today or tomorrow, or even in the way we wanted Him to, or expected Him to, but He will answer our prayers, and He is always by our side.

I have felt in the past that God has deserted me, and so I turned away from Him, but after struggling about on my own for a while, God answered the prayers I had voiced over a year in the past, not in the way I expected, but He did answer them. I can therefore assure you that even if you think God has forgotten you, He hasn’t, just wait for Him, just as He is now waiting for you.

Forget your past and make God your present and your future, His waiting for you today.

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