struggleHave you ever been really struggling with life and expected or wanted someone you thought was a friend, to phone, email or text you to check you’re ok…and waited…and waited?

Funny isn’t it how friends who tell you they will always be there for you, are nowhere to be seen when you’re struggling and in need of a friend. How has it made you feel when you’ve been in that situation? When this has happened to me, I’ve gone through a range of emotions, from hurt, to despair, from anger to resignation that I’ll just need to go it alone.

Funny isn’t it how in these darkest of time we seem to turn to God almost as a last resort, when in fact He should be the first person we turn to in our hour of need.

In the Love of Jesus there is all I need,
While I follow closely where my Lord may lead;
By his grace forgiven,
In his presence blest,
In the love of Jesus,
In the love of Jesus, is perfect rest.

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