Missing in action

struggle3I spoke recently about how even if we got to church regularly, that doesn’t make us a Christian (in Going To Church). Today I’d like you to consider whether you are ready and willing to help those around you in their hour of need.

I’m not talking about our close friends and family, but just those who maybe attend the same church, or who work in the same office or live in the same neighbourhood…are you there for them, or are you missing in action when they need a friendly, supportive friend, a Christian friend, to help and support them?

As Christians we must be ready to reach out to those around us when we see them struggling and in need or support – That support may simply be to give them a hug, offer them words of reassurance, listen to their concerns and fears, give them practical advice or even give them some practical help with tasks that they need done.

You may think you will not know what to say or do to help someone in their hour of need, but I know from experience that if we trust in God, He will guide us and direct us so that we are able to offer the love and support the person in need, requires. I therefore hope and pray that you are not found to be missing in action when someone around you needs help and support.

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