When you hear the word storm, what do you think of?

The ocean, a ship being tossed about by the waves; a thunderstorm, thunder and lighting, and torrential rain?

But what if I told you I am thinking more specifically about the storms of life, what images does that bring to your mind?

Despair, depression, stress, bereavement, money problems, ill-health etc?

We all face storms in our lives at some time, so how do we cope? We should of course turn to God. Sadly though, many of us think those are the times when God seems distant to us, but in fact it’s the complete opposite, because God has promised to be there for us during those times:

Isaiah 43:2 ~ God will carry your through the storm

The following song Praise You In This Storm by Casting Crowns became very special to me when I was going through what seemed like a never-ending storm, I pray you may find comfort and strength in the words and music also:

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