Falling apart



We’re often told that God is always there for us, during the good times as well as during days of deepest despair. So why is it that when we are in greatest need of support and guidance, that it’s then we so often forget about God, and try to make it on our own?

Why, because we’re human!

Can I suggest another reasons why we try to do it on our own rather than turn to God? Have you considered it may be because our faith in God isn’t strong enough?

I can certainly tell you that in my experience this is why in the past I found myself trying to go it alone – I believed in God, but really hadn’t given my all to Him, so when the difficult times came, I simply forgot about God because I felt he’d forgotten about me (which I know now was not true), and tried to get by on my own. Needless to say I failed miserably, and when I did I realised God was still there reaching out to me, and when I reached out to Him, He lifted me out of those dark days, not immediately but slowly and steadily.

Now I can honestly say that I turn to God when things are going well, but I also turn to Him when I’m struggling and wondering how I’m going to get through, as I know God is with me and will guide me through each day.

How about you, do you turn to God when life gets tough, or do you try to go it alone?

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