Seeking wisdom

God is very interested in everything you do and everything that happens to you, and He wants the best for you in every situation you find yourself in. So when you are struggling financially, have no job and struggling to make ends meet, don’t despair, God is there for you and He will help you.


I’m struggling to make ends meet, to support myself and my family, so I come before you seeking your wisdom to direct me in my search for employment. I walk with my faith fully in you to guide and help me as I try to understand my current situation and thank you for always reminding me that if I trust in you, you will provide.

My stress levels as high as I see bill after bill landing on my doormat, but help me to remember that my financial debts are small in comparison to the debt Jesus paid for me. Your love for me is greater than any struggle I can face on earth, so I have confidence and comfort knowing you that in loving you I lack nothing.



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