Prayer shows our dependence on God, His power and His wisdom.

Prayer is powerful and so important.

While sitting in a hospital waiting room waiting for my Mum recently, I picked up one of the general hospital magazine that was lying on the table, and read what I thought was an interesting article about some studies that have been carried out in the medical field showing the power of prayers.

It said that in the studies they used two groups of people to observe the difference between the group that was being prayed for and the group that wasn’t. There was a marked difference in the recovery of those who were being prayed for, and they hadn’t even told these folk that they were being prayed for!

Many hospitals these days do recognise the importance of prayer in the healing process of their patients, and so now welcome pastors and chaplains to be a part of their healing team.

My conclusion – If hospitals realise the power of prayer, isn’t it about time you did!

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