Lifelong learning

We have people in our lives who we’ve known for all our lives, and we have those that we meet along the way. No matter how long we’ve known someone for, there’s always things about that person that we can still learn.



When we’re in long-term relationships it gives us the opportunity to see others grow as individuals and as Christians. Likewise I hope and pray that others see how I’ve changed over the years. Yes, I’m still far from perfect with many flaws, however the difference now is, that I’m more aware of my shortcomings and my flaws and so pray that God will help me adapt and overcome these shortcomings. I pray those around me can see my efforts, and continue to support and encourage me, and forgive my faults.

Long-term relationships require a certain amount of trust to be built between the people, which allows these relationships to stay solid even when others around them come and go. Even though other change around us, many things in those long-term relationships stay the same  – you share inside jokes; you develop shorthand communication; you know what each other like and dislike; you know how to demonstrate love; you know when the other is in need of love and support.

Just as our personal relationships are developed over years, so our relationship with God must be nurtured and developed. When a relationship is developed over the years, a solid foundation is built, a foundation that stays solid regardless of what problems and challenges face us in life.

So whether it’s relationships with people in our life, or our relationship with God, we need to keep learning about them, by getting to know and understand them regardless of how long we’ve known them. Nurturing our relationships both with our friends and with God, should be a lifelong endeavour.


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