It only takes one

Posted: March 8, 2015 in friendship, life, music, personnel characteristics, Relationships, religion
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I’ve seen a few example recently where once one person does something, many follow.

One of my friends started getting inundated with messages on his Facebook page congratulating him on his engagement. I had been thinking it was a bit odd as I’d been with him a few hours before the messages started and he’d not said anything to me. It turned out someone had overheard a conversation and put 2 and 2 together and got 5!!!! They then posted their congratulations on Facebook and others, seeing the messages of congratulations, assumed it to be true and followed suit posting their congratulatory messages too!

That’s just one example but I’m sure you have seen other similar examples yourself.

This got me thinking, wouldn’t it be great if it was as easy as this to get others to follow Christ? The fact that it isn’t that easy suggests to me that maybe each one of us is not portraying the right image/message to others – What do you think? Do we need to change the message we tell/show others so that God’s message is more meaningful and more real to others?

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