What if…

Sometimes it’s only when you consider how things might be under different circumstances, you come to realise how little we truly give back to God.

what we thanked god for yesterday

If the above happened to me today, I have to be honest and say I would have very little. In the last while I’ve been finding life quite tough, and although I’ve still being spending time in prayer each day my prayers have been more about asking God to guide and strengthen me and my family than about saying thank you to God.

I am grateful to God for all He does for me on a daily basis, particular during the times when I’m struggling most, and really should say thank you to Him each day for getting me through the day, plus all the other things He does for me. How about you, do you say thank you to God each day for everything He does for you?

Thank you seems to be something that is said less and less these days, as everyone seems to take so much for granted (including other people), but please join me in making a commitment to ensure we thank God each day for all He’s done for us during the day.

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