It’s me


After many years of wondering why things always seemed to happen to me, I realised there was one common denominator in all the things that seemed to cause me problems or make me feel vulnerable, and that was me!

Just as the about photo says, I’ve found that recognition that many of the difficult situations I’ve found myself in have in fact been caused by me, because of things I’ve said or done.

This recognition has not meant everything has suddenly become perfect, far from it, it just means I have to work extra hard to try to avoid creating these situations now I know it’s me that causes them! That still doesn’t mean all is well, as I still fail miserably on many occasions, however I realise that acknowledgement of my failures and inadequacies has enabled me to seek help in overcoming these failures, by taking them to God, and asking Him to help me.

Have you recognised your failures, and taken them to God? If not I’d encourage you to do that today, as He can help you overcome your failures.


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