How many varieties?

Most of us like to try to look after our teeth as best we cam so that we don’t have to visit the dentist for anything more than our regular checkups. That all sounds great, however, if you’re looking for a toothpaste to help you look after your teeth, which one do you pick? I’m not referring to the brand, but actually the different varieties as there seems to be a variety of toothpaste to help prevent this or that or help enhance your teeth in some other aspect, but where do you start, as there is toothpaste for:

  • Toothpaste-Aislecavity protection
  • maximum whitening
  • Advanced whitening
  • Maximum freshness
  • Advanced clean
  • Maxwhite shine
  • Enamel protect
  • Total advanced
  • Maxwhite luminous
  • Maxwhite one optic
  • Maxcavity protect white
  • Extreme clean pure
  • Complete care whitening

Plus numerous other varieties including all the sensitive versions!

Is it just me, but don’t we all want a toothpaste that does all the above. i.e. gives maximum whitening, maximum cavity protection, extreme clean, protects the enamel and gives maximum freshness?

I must be honest and say I get really frustrated when buying toothpaste and so normally by a different variety each time, all because I want all the above benefits from my toothpaste. Is it not about time that toothpaste manufacturers gave us one toothpaste that provides all the benefits and protection that all the other individual varieties offer us?

I’d be interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts on this, as I sometimes wonder, is it just me that gets so frustrated by the huge number of toothpaste varieties?

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