Posted: May 27, 2015 in depression, friendship, life, music, personnel characteristics, Relationships, religion
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I’ve been disappointed recently by someone, who has disappointed me several times before…will I never learn!

I was once very close with this person, supporting one another and sharing experiences. Our relationship is different these days, but I personally still feel a closeness with this person that makes me still reach out to them, even although deep down I think I know our relationship will never be the same again, and so know I’ll probably be disappointed.

Disappointments hurt, so why do I keep doing this to myself? The only answer I really have to that question is, because I’m human!

We may all try out best to love and support one another, but ultimately there is only one person who will never let us down, hurt us or disappoint us, and that’s God! So as I remind myself again that God is the only one I can truly rely on, I urge you to remind yourself of this too, as experiencing the same disappointments over and over again is draining and that’s not what any of us really want is it?

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