Be careful

I said in yesterday’s blog post Minds, that I’ve learned a lot of things from my own mistakes, well learning who I can and cannot open up to is one thing I learned the hard way.

something to gossip about

I’ve opened up privately to people in the past and then found that before long others seem to know what all about that private conversation, so is it any surprise I’m wary of who I open up to now?

Choose your friends carefully, and before you choose your confidant, make sure they are a true friend and not a false one.


  1. Ecellent advice. I to found out the hard way who my real friends were. it hurt and still hurts. Still beleive the person I opened up to did care bout me but ive never understood why they then abandoned me and felt they had to tell folk some of the personal things I told them and that still hurt and this all happened bout 15yrs ago. have you got over the hurt yet


    1. Sorry to hear you’ve had a similar experience to me. However try not to dwell on the past because you cannot change it, look forward and move on.
      My situation now seems different to yours as I’m guessing from what you said that you’re not in contact with those who hurt you anymore? I on the other hand, am and although things were awkward to begin with, the other person made the first move to reconnect with me, and that I have to say made it much easier for me.
      I hope you find peace going foward


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