Have you ever been through a relationship or an experience where you’ve ended up feeling hurt, abandoned and end up finding the whole experience painful?

I have, and at the time I couldn’t understand why the person concerned “abandoned” me. However looking back now, I realise that they “abandoned” me because of me! I was so caught up on my relationships with them that I forgot to include God! It was only when I felt abandoned and alone again that God’s presence in my life once again became clear to me and I realised that the way my relationship with that person ended was entirely my fault because I wanted and expected more from them than they could ever possibly give me.

I know now that God is the only one who can provide for me with all I need, and therefore I have changed, I am not the person I was when during the relationship I just spoke about. I’ve changed, because of that experience and therefore I urge you to learn from your painful experiences too, as they have happened for a reason.


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