I’m not complaining…


How many times have you heard that, “I’m not complaining, but…”? Isn’t it funny how, despite saying, ‘” I’m not complaining”, as soon as they say “but”, you can be a 100% certain they are about to complain about something!

I’ve recently been very aware of just how often some people say this, and I must be honest and ask…do they honestly think by saying, “I’m not complaining”, it means it somehow softens the complaint they are just about to make? Well I’m going to end that misconception now by telling you that, if you start a sentence with “I’m not complaining, but…”, all you’re doing is warning your listener that you are going to do just that, complain!

So be honest with your listener, don’t try to pretend you’re not about to complain about something when you are!


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