I was listening to my ipod the other night on shuffle and that song came on and really caught my attention, so much so I have found myself listening to it several times since then!

Why did it stand it for me? Well as well as the beautiful haunting melody, the words seemed to reach out to me…

My Eyes Have Seen Holy by Bebo Norman

Am I unfit for You
Remember me, the one who turned from You
I come in rags tattered by the fall
And all the earth, a witness to my crime
Mercy, weep over me
Let Your tears wash me clean
Majesty, be merciful with me
For my eyes have seen Holy
Hear my prayer at night
Let the morning find me alive
For I am tired and weakened by the fall
Let all the earth bear witness to my cry
Let the amen sound from heaven as You lift my soul
Let the amen sound from heaven as You lift my soul
Let the angels sound from heaven, holy is the Lord
It really did remind me that no matter how many times I fall in my Christian faith, or how much life has broken me, or how many times I let God down, God will always be there lifting me up again.
My life is far from perfect, I’m far from perfect, my faith is far from perfect, however God is perfect because no matter what, He loves me.
No matter how many times you’ve fallen in life, God can and will lift you up, because He is Holy!

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