You can’t beat experience

In the last few weeks I’ve heard a couple of people say this several times, and it got me thinking…

Each occasion I heard this used in recently, was in relation to the experience that someone had in their job, and the comments inferred that the less experienced people while ok at their job, did not possess that little bit extra knowledge that you can only gain through experience.

Do those looking for their first job, or those looking to take a step up the managerial tree always get given the chance to get the experience they need to be given further responsibility or promotions? In my experience, the answer to that is definitely no!

Have you ever been told you haven’t been successful in a job application because you don’t have the experience required? Let me just ask this, if people don’t get given the opportunity/experience to take on added responsibilities/roles, how will they ever gain the experience required to successfully find employment or gain promotion in the area they lack experience?

If you are an employer or someone who performs a recruitment role, I urge you to give inexperience a chance, and give someone the opportunity to gain the experience they need “on the job”.


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