new-carsA few weeks ago I got a new car, and last Saturday I was in a very busy petrol station filling up on petrol, when a guy, probably in his mid 50’s, came over to me from one of the other petrol pumps and asked me what model my car was. I told him and he indicated that he was interested as his daughter was wanting a car like mine so when he’d spotted my car he thought he’d get some details from me.

So far so good…I’m filling my car with petrol and the guy’s standing at the other side of my car looking in at the interior, when he then looks over at me and says “Can I get in and have a look?”

What? Was he seriously thinking I was going to agree to a complete stranger getting into my car just to “have a look”!

Needless to say I said he could not get into my car for a look, and to be fair he was fine about it and just went back over to his own car again. What actually made it worse was that I’d put my handbag on my driver’s seat when I got out to put petrol in the car, so he was wanted to get into my car where my handbag was lying unattended!

Is it just me, or was this guys not a bit out of order asking to get into my car? It may all have been perfectly innocent, but did this guys honesty think it acceptable to ask a female, a complete stranger, if he could get into her car?

Anyway, it was nice of someone to tell me they liked my car, but I’d rather they didn’t then try and invite themselves into my nice new car!

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