I’ve found myself listening to the one particular song over and over again in the last couple of weeks:

I’ve been challenged again by the words of this song – Have I give God everything? Am I all He knows I can be? Do I do all God asks of me, no matter what?

My honest answer to these questions has to be no, but in acknowledging my failings, I know I can still give my all to Him because it’s never to  late to give Him my all.

Have you given Him your all yet? There still time…

All that I am, all I can be,
All that I have, all that is me,
Accept and use, Lord,
As you would choose, Lord, right now, today.
Take every passion, every skill,
Take all my dreams and bend them to your will.
My all I give, Lord, for you I’ll live, Lord, come what may.

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