How to brighten your day #40

Posted: October 19, 2015 in blogging, communication, education, life, motivation, Relationships, words
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Are you looking for simple ways to encourage your heart and nourish your soul?

In the last while I’ve given you some ideas which will hopefully inspire you to implement them in your own life, and over the coming weeks I’ll share some others with you.

So here’s today’s suggestion:

Read, listen, learn

They say knowledge is power, so read, listen and learn so that you have power.

I’m not talking about power over other people, but instead the kind of power that touches the core of our very soul. It’s the kind of power that causes change, change in ourselves, those around us and hopefully, eventually in the winder community in which we live.

So when you go to bed at night, read a book, during the day, listen to others and learn. Learn from everything and everyone around you, so you can understand yourself better and in doing so change yourself into a better person, as that will definitely brighten your day!

read listen learn


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