Ever had a day when you can’t concentrate on what you’re supposed to be doing? I’ve found I’ve had quite a lot of days like that recently, and it frustrates me. For those of you who know me well you’ll know that I am quite an organised person, so like to get things done in the timescales I expect. So imagine how much it knocks focus-and-concentrationme off my stride when having been easily distracted, I end up taking longer to do things, and even end up achieving nothing!

So what do I do – Do I tell myself off and confirm “I must do better tomorrow”, or do I just accept it was one of those days?

I probably do a bit of both of these things! i.e. I tell myself off for not getting the work done, and vow to be more focused, while also understanding that it’s one of those times in my life when yes I have got a lot on my mind so it is ok to get distracted.

So whether you are an organised person or not, don’t be too hard on yourself if you get distracted, because sometimes there are more important things going on in our lives that can distract us, so accept it is just something that can happen in life.

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