What’s happened to our world?

We used to be able to let children go out and play in the streets; now we don’t let them walk anywhere on their own.

We used to be able to leave our doors unlocked so our friends/family could just come in; now we lock our doors even when we’re in the house.

We used to be able to plan and book a foreign holiday without considering whether there may be a risk travelling to that part of the world.

People didn’t used to try to con us by offering us “unbelievable deals” over the phone or at the door.

We used to be able to walk home late at night by yourself without fear for your safety; now most of us wouldn’t even consider walking anywhere (particularly ourselves) after dark.

People used to respect and trust one another; sadly respect seems to be a word of the past.

Everyone used to say “please” and “thank you” to each other; sadly many don’t even seem to know these words exist.

Tolerance of people of a religions other than their own is no longer the norm, instead it’s been replaced by violence and hatred of these people/groups.


So much has changed in our world, and not for the better, but there is one ray of hope…Christ!

If ever the world needed Christ, it is now, so let’s make sure we keep that ray of hope burning bright by reminding everyone that Christ is the light of the world this Christmas.

Here’s  a great version of the beautiful Joy Webb song Come Into Our World which encapsulates my thoughts for today, enjoy.

  1. Bob Northey says:

    Thanks so much for this. Would love to obtain the songster arrangement for Come into our Workd. Any suggestions?

    • Dot says:

      You’ll find it in one of the old musical salvationist. I’m afraid I cant remember the year but I think it was a blue book. Hope that helps!

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