Perfect love

Posted: December 17, 2015 in baby, Christmas, life, love, music, personnel characteristics, Relationships, religion, words
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To you and I Jesus is God’s son, our Saviour, but to Mary he was more than that, he was her gift from God. I wonder how Mary felt knowing all the world would look to Jesus, knowing He was the Son of God?

I guess Mary felt many of the same feeling any mother would feel when their child achieves their goals or is successful in tasks they undertake: pride, delight, happiness, honour.

For me the song I shared today, Perfect Love (Mary’s Song) by Hillsong, encapsulates how Mary probably felt as she looked at the baby Jesus and thought about all that lay ahead for Him here on earth, as a mother’s love for their child is always something special – Perfect love!

My beautiful boy
Holiness I see
Perfect so pure
Your eyes they trust in me

All creation bows to You
The skies sing Your arriving
My precious Jesus

And You will walk this land
My precious gift from God
Showing all mankind
The only way to life

All creation sings Your praise
The angels will proclaim
My precious Jesus

All of heaven’s gaze is on You
The glory of God shines for all to see
The Son of God, the Son of man

You are perfection promised
Giver of life for all eternity
My little one, perfect love


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