Posted: January 7, 2016 in Health, life, personnel characteristics, Relationships, words

When we consider our past, we laugh/smile when we remember the good times, cry when we think about those we’ve lost and dare I say it, get annoyed at ourselves when we think about situations/circumstances when we wish we’d been brave enough to say or do something, but we missed the opportunity and so we now regret our lack of action.

In the last while I’ve found myself focusing on a number of situations/times when I now wish I had taken specific actions, but at the time I thought I had plenty of time to do/say what I needed to so didn’t take action, but now those opportunities are gone forever…

Regrets can haunt us and take over our lives if we let them. We can’t change what has happened/not happened in the past, and so why do we torment ourselves with regrets?

We’re human! We’re human, and so we aren’t perfect, so we make mistakes, we fail to take opportunities presented to us, we choose the wrong option when presented with multiple choices.

I therefore am trying to leave my regrets behind me and move on, because otherwise they will eat away at me and bring me down and that will not achieve anything other than destroying me. I urge you to leave your regrets behind you as well.


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