I recently received an unexpected request to meet with someone as they wanted to speak to me about something. Needless to say after I agreed to meet with them I spent the next few days before I met with them trying to second guess what they wanted to speak to me about – What had I done that I shouldn’t have done? What had I not done that I should have done? What tasks/situations did they think I could help them with in some way? Were they annoyed with me? Where they going to give me a nice surprise or give me news I didn’t want to hear?

Lots of things went through my head, many of which I discounted as soon as I thought of them, but a few lingered as possibilities, but still I wondered…

Well the time came for me to have that meeting, and by this time I’d considered my responses to those tasks which I’d thought may be asked of me – some I thought I’d accept others I wasn’t so convinced about – But I should have known better, because even if I’d had 2 months to think of all the things I thought might be asked of me, I would never have come up with the question that was asked of me!

I’m not going to share with you what this meeting was about, as that was not my purpose in telling you about this meeting. I simply shared this with you, as I was a great reminder that sometimes when we see no way forward in our life, unexpected opportunities can come our way out of nowhere.

I firmly believe though that these opportunities don’t just come our way, they come our way because they are part of God’s plan for us. So grab these unexpected opportunities when they come your way, as they came your way for a reason!

jump at opportunities

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