Great words

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Employment, language, words

There are some great words around aren’t there? We were talking at work the other day about and I happened to say that a roads beside our office that they are currently building houses on was “absolutely manky” – It was agreed that this was a fantastic word to describe the condition of this road as both the road and the pavements are caked with mud, and so are really manky!

For those of you who have never heard the word “manky” I’m guessing you may have a better understanding of what it means now I’ve told you the road and pavements were caked in mud. We have some great Scottish words which really give you a great understanding of how something looks/tastes/feels etc.

Here’s some other examples:
Clatty Pronounced: Clat-tee Meaning: extremely dirty or slovenly
Manky Pronounced: Man-key Meaning: dirty and unpleasant
Fusty Pronounced: Foo-stee Meaning: Mouldy
Dour Pronounced: Doo-r Meaning: Glum, never smiles
Boggin Pronounced: Bog-inn Meaning: Filthy, Disgusting
Bampot Pronounced: Bam-pot Meaning: Idiot
Hoachin Pronounced: Hoe-chin Meaning: really busy crowd
Gallus Pronounced: Gal-us Meaning: approval

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