Sacred Hill

Today is Good Friday, but does it really feel like a good Friday?

On that very first Good Friday, it could be said that it was the worst day ever because Jesus died on a cross. However it was because of Christ’s death that day that it also became the best day ever as Jesus died for us so that we could be forgiven of our sins, and be promised everlasting life.

Let’s not forget today, the reason this is Good Friday.

From that sacred hill

On Calvary’s tree the King of Glory languished,
Held not by nails but by undying love,
Sin’s debt to pay, the sting of death remove,
Boundless cleansing to provide,
Mercy’s gate open wide.

From that sacred hill
Hope is gleaming still;
Thy shame and grief he bore;
Go in peace, sin no more.

His purple robe is parted ‘mong the soldiers,
That scepter-reed discarded where it fell;
Yet, meekly borne, that crown of cruel thorn
Still attests his royal might,
Fears to quell, wrongs to right.

Darkness descends, the cross in mystery veiling,
Deep thunders roll and lightnings rend the skies
As Jesus dies, a willing sacrifice;
God’s own word by blood is sealed:
By his stripes we are healed.

His tender touch can heal the broken-hearted,
His word dispel the darkness of despair;
Come, bring thy sin, thy sorrow, pain and care,
And, believing, thou shalt prove
All the strength of his love

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