Decisions #2

Posted: March 31, 2016 in blogging, personnel characteristics, planning, planning, words
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Following on from yesterday’s blog post Decisions #1, where I asked you what style of decision-making you employ, today I want to talk more about what is considered to be the ideal method of decision-making – the Balancing style of decision-making. So here’s a reminder:

Balanced decision-making is where you weigh up all the options before making an informed decision

If the Balancing style is not your decision-making style, I can suggest a very simple tool that can help you make balanced decisions – it was designed by Benjamin Franklin and he called it a Balance Sheet:

  1. Take a sheet of blank paper and draw a line down the middle of it, and then for whatever decision you are trying to make, write down all the pros on one side of the line and all the cons on the other side.
  2. Go through each pro and con giving each a weighting or a value, according to importance – for pros rate between -10 and 0 and for cons rate between 0 and +10.
  3. This will help you quickly identify the benefits of either side, and your decision should then almost make itself.

This may seem like a very long-winded way to make a decision, but you didn’t learn to ride a bike or tie your shoe laces overnight did you? The more times you make a decision this way, the quicker and easier it will become, until you almost do it automatically.


Whether you use this method to make Balanced decisions or whether you use another method, the most important thing is that you actually make decisions. By leaving things to fate or other people your life can slowly slip past you, leaving you to think “where did all that time go?” However when you make decisions yourself, however small, you feel empowered.

So empower yourself, go make some balanced decisions!

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