5 places I’d go back to

Posted: April 2, 2016 in Cambridge, family, holiday, Las Vegas, New York, Travel
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When we first make that decision to visit a place you’ve never been to before, it can be a leap of faith in many ways, as you may not know much about the place, the food or culture. However once you find a place you love, it can become a place where you want to go on a regular basis, for numerous reasons. e.g. fun, relaxation, sport, entertainment, shopping, activities, scenery, climate, culture etc.

Of all the places I’ve visited there are a few places I’d ready go back to – Some for the reasons I’ve listed above, others just because they remind me of past times, or family members who are no longer with us. I wonder how many of these places would be on your list!

1. Las Vegas

This has to be my number 1 place as there’s so much to las-vegas-skylinedo and see there even if you aren’t a gambler! When we first went there on holiday a number of years ago a number of folk were surprised that we were going there and were even more surprised at how much we enjoyed it, as neither me or my hubby are gamblers! Vegas is so much more than just gambling and is great if you and your partner want to do different things like sunbathe or shop. Add to this the fantastic variety of high quality food and entertainment available, and for me it has to be my number 1 go-back-to destination.

2. Cambridge

CambridgeI sent most of my childhood summer holidays in Cambridge as we used to go and spend the summer holidays with my aunt and uncle and their family. I got to know Cambridge quite well having insiders there to take us to the best local places etc. I would love to go back to Cambridge and see it through adult eyes now, as I’m sure there was so much I didn’t see in the past just because it wasn’t of interest to a child.

3. Australia

Perth AustraliaI was lucky enough to spend 4 weeks in Perth, western Australia, a number of years ago when my aunt and uncle where living out there for a period of time while he did some work for one of the universities. My aunt and uncle took me to a lot of places in Western Australia and I loved every minute of my time there, so I’d love to go back to Australia and spend time in other parts of the country.


4. Paris

I’ve been in Paris a few times, with my parents and more recently with my hubby, but there’s still so much to do and to see there I’d readily go back again.

paris5. New York

I’ve just been in New York the once, and that was just for a few days as part of a 3 city vacation one summer. What I saw of New York I loved, but there were so many places we never had time to visit, so I have to add New York to my list of places I’d return to.new york

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