It’s the small things

Posted: April 22, 2016 in communication, depression, friendship, life, personnel characteristics, Relationships, stress

Have you noticed how sometimes it’s the small gestures that mean the most?

Reaching out to someone and gently squeezing their arm just to let them know you care…

Putting your arm around someone to give them support when they are struggling to carry on…

I the last few months I’ve been struggling with a few things, and I shared some of these things with a friend – Things I’ve not shared with anyone else. Then a few days later, the next time I was in their company, we were in a public place, surrounded by a number of others, but this didn’t stop my friend showing me they were supporting me. We were walking across a room (full of people) towards one another and just before we passed one another, my friend simply smiled warmly at me as gently squeezed my arm as we passed one another.

In that simply gesture of squeezing my arm, I knew my friend was letting me know they were thinking about me and were supporting me. Wow!

It’s an amazing feeling to know that someone is there for you isn’t?

small act of kindness

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