Words for every situation

Posted: May 19, 2016 in blogging, communication, language, life, personnel characteristics, words
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I was curious just how many words there actually are in the English language, so I googled it:

  • One result told me there were 1,025,109
  • A second page informed me that it was impossible to estimate the number of words in the English language. Some of the reasons given were:
    • Do you count words that can be used as a noun and a verb as 2 separate words?
    • What about words that can be used in the singular or plural?
    • Should medical terms/words be included?
    • What about dialect words, such as Scots?

So what did that prove? Well it proved we’ve got an incredible number of words available to us, so is it any wonder we sometimes use the wrong words at the wrong times?

As I said the other day in Miscommunication, I am not very good with words, particularly when it comes to the spoken word, so with all that choice of words I can kind of understand why I pick the wrong ones sometimes!

Yes, there are many words for every situation, but there are also lots more that can be inappropriate, so I simply hope that even if I don’t use the most applicable words sometimes, that the words I do choose show empathy and compassion to those who are depressed or struggling with life, encouragement to those who can’t see a way forward, joy when others achieve success, consideration to others circumstances etc.


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