Not important

When you contact someone to wish them good luck with something, to ask how they are, or simply to wish them a good week, do you expect a response or a reply?

Personally I like to acknowledge communications for anyone even if just to say thank you, or indicate I’ll get back to them later. However I’m conscious that not everyone does this, and in fact some don’t necessarily acknowledge some communications at all…maybe because the communication is not a priority to the recipient, or they feel it’s not important.

When we communicate with someone, we have had a reason to do so, whether it is just to say hello, ask a question, wish someone luck or some other message. In other words, to us, the message was important enough to send, but when the recipient fails to acknowledge our communication it can seem as if we’re being ignored, or our message wasn’t important to the recipient.

Do these situations arise because the people involved have different views on the relationship, or is it just a case of one expecting or wanting too much from the other?message communication

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