I’ve heard it said many times that we’re all the same but different, which seems a complete contradiction doesn’t it?

So how are we the same? We are all human, we all have our faults and flaws, and we are all God’s children.

And how are we different? We are all God’s children, but he made each of us individually with our own personality and our own image.

Over the last few days I’ve talked of situations where people are excluded just because they are different in some way. God doesn’t exclude anyone because they are different because we are all His children. We therefore must respect and love one another despite our differences – I know that’s not always easy as some people do and say things that make it very difficult to love them. However despite the difficulties, we must do all we can to love one another regardless of nationality, religion, colour, beliefs, opinions or any other differences.

God loves us despite our many flaws, so we should do the same…love one another despite our differences.

  1. Sure, God loves us all too much to leave us to die from sin. Thus the cross. He loves sinners and paid for our sin by Christ’s sacrifice. But we are to then forsake our sin.

  2. I agree to that Dorothy

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