Childless #5

Posted: July 9, 2016 in blogging, children, family, Health, life, Relationships, words
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In the English language there are a number of words that are regularly used to describe females who do not have children, either through choice or due to a medical condition/issue:

  • Barren
  • Spinster
  • Career woman
  • Selfish

To be honest, I find some of those terms quite offensive – for example, do we ever hear men being called a “career man”?!

Even when we do hear those word’s used, they are normally used without justification as most who have no children do not broadcast to anyone why they are childless so it’s simply assumptions and guesswork by most as to the underlying reason for you having no children.

childlessOver these last few days I’ve given you an insight into how those with no children can feel when others assume because of your age and relationships status, that you must have children, without knowing anything about you, your circumstances, your health. i.e. without knowing why you have no children, whether it is by choice or for some other reason.

I’ve said it before about other situations/events, and feel it’s important again to ask again that you make no assumptions about people you meet, as unless you are close to these people you will know nothing about their personal or private lives.

The bottom line once again is, don’t make assumptions about others based on what you think they should/shouldn’t have or be doing in their lives.

  1. This is very true Dorothy

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