Days when time stood still

Posted: October 22, 2016 in life, planning, Relationships, self improvement
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Why is it when you’re tired or fed up and can’t wait for a particular time to come so you can you home and chill, it feels like time has stopped?


Every clock and watch you look at seems to taunt you by moving extra slowly.

Even although time feels to be going by much slower than normal, you still manage to get less done than normal.

Your brain is not co-operating as no matter how much you try to concentrate on a task to keep you occupied and make time pass quicker, it simply does not happen.

So you finally get a chance to chill and relax, so does time suddenly go back to normal and go by at normal speed again? No! It suddenly decides to play catch-up with the time that passed so slowly! How is that even possible?

We probably just need to make the most of our time, however slowly, or quickly, it decides to pass, as otherwise we’ll stop one day and realise that our life has passed us by and we’ve achieved nothing.


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