Have you noticed how in every area of life there are always cliques? Whether it’s at school, work, church, university, social club, neighbours etc, there are aways those who seem to be part of an exclusive “club” sharing conversations and knowledge that only those in “the group” are party to.

Here’s the dictionary definition of clique:

A small close-knit group of people who do not readily allow others to join them

That definition sounds about right doesn’t it?


Even the word itself, clique, doesn’t sound like something I’d want to be part of. Cliques are just another way of making people feel like outsiders, excluding them from events and conversations. They are often gossip-shops and a breeding ground for rumours and untruths.

Don’t let yourself get drawn into being part of a clique because if you’re in a clique, remember whether you mean to or not, there are always others who feel left out because they have been excluded.

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