A carol for Christmas

Posted: December 21, 2016 in Christmas, life, music, religion
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I’m sure we all have one carol which we consider to be our favourite. What is your favourite?

I’m not sure I have a single favourite as there are a few carols which I really like, some because of the music, other just for their words, and then there are those where the marriage of music and words is a perfect match.

This year I’ve been trying to look at Christmas from a new or different perspective, to try to get that excitement back about the magic of Christmas. In doing so I’ve found myself listening to some different versions of some popular carols, some carols I don’t remember hearing before, as well as some I wish I’d never heard!

There are a few carols which many call their favourite, and one of those is Silent Night. So today I’m sharing with you a version of this carol I found by Pentatonix – It’s both beautiful and challenging.

  1. childlessandhappy says:

    Hark the Herald Angel’s Sing.
    I love the melody, the chords and the joyful nature of this carol. It reminds me of the Carol Service we had when I was at School. I used to sing in the choir and did the descant on the last verse. Lovely post, it brought back lovely Christmas memories. X

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