In your job, if someone fails to turn up for work one morning, I’m sure you try to contact them to make sure they haven’t encountered a problem on their journey to work, and just make sure they are ok.

What about in your church, when one of the people in your church, doesn’t attend one week, what do you d0? Nothing?

What if that person doesn’t turn up at church the following week either?

If we call ourselves Christians, we should be supporting and caring for those around us – and that includes our family, friends, work colleagues, fellow church members.

When someone is absent from church for even one week, isn’t that the time when they are most in need of their fellow Christian brothers and sisters reaching out to them to check how they are, and encourage them by telling them that they have been missed, otherwise they may think no-one has even noticed they were evening missing!

  1. Jenny Bleakley says:

    I’ve haven’t been at my church for 4 weeks and I’m not sure if i’m going back. I feel like an outsider and so it’s been no surprise to me that not one single person from my church has contacted me since I was last at a service. I’m clearly not missed there. Your comments reminded me of how little the folk at my church are displaying christian love as they’re ignoring me

    • Dot says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that Jenny. Have you been ill or just been having a break from church? I hope you’re feeling better if you’ve been ill.
      I find it difficult to understand how so called Christians can’t find even a couple minutes to check on their christian brothers or sisters when they are absent from church. It doesn’t take much to text/PM/phone someone just to say you’ve been missed or ask if you’re ok.
      Having said that I’ve had a similar experience recently as I’ve not been at my church for a few weeks, and only a couple of folk have taken the time to ask me if I’m ok which seems to be the norm when I’m not there, even though I hear of others who miss one meeting and seem to be contacted by loads of folk.
      I realised a while ago I’m not someone who is particularly noticed by others as so no surprise I’m easily forgotten. I try not to take any of this personally, as I’m sure no-one intentionally forgets about me, and I’m sure they don’t intentionally forget about you either, so chin up. .x

      • Jenny Bleakley says:

        I’ve been questioning my faith recently, and so being forgotten by my church, adds up to church not being for me. People who attend church can be so hypocritical making out their better than others while not treating even the people in their church in a way they’d want others to treat them. I’m sickened with them all. You at least are talking to me which is more than my church have been doing. Thanks. Jen

      • Dot says:

        I’m sure the folks at your church haven’t forgotten about you, they maybe just haven’t contacted you, but I’m sure they’ve noticed you’ve been missing. Don’t question your faith, God is still there for you, even if it feels like no-one else is. Take care. .x

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