Sorry is the hardest word to say…or is it?

If we’re honest I think we’d all admit that we’ve said sorry at sometime to someone when maybe we really didn’t feel sorry – Would ‘sorry’ be the hardest word to say in those circumstances?

Sometime someone will tell us to say sorry for something we’ve done, but that doesn’t mean we understand or accept that we’ve done anything wrong – Would ‘sorry’ be the hardest word to say in these circumstances?

Sorry is not a big word, but it has a huge meaning. That’s why when we say ‘sorry’ without actually meaning it, it is pointless. We must be sorry before we attempt to apologise to someone, otherwise our apology is insincere and worthless, and the person we are apologising to will probably see through our apology for what is was…just words, no sincerity.

Next time you find yourself having to say sorry for your words or actions, be sincere, or don’t bother saying you’re sorry.

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