When you ask someone a question or give someone some information – face-to-face, text, messenger, WhatsApp, email, or phone etc – is it realistic to expect a response?

Personally I think it is right to expect a response, after all, how else do you know the receiver has heard/received the question or information?

Having said that, that doesn’t mean you should expect a response immediately but certainly you should expect a response in my view. When the person you were ‘speaking to’ does respond, it doesn’t mean they will necessarily answer or respond to the question/information you gave to them, but at least if they respond you’ll have got an acknowledgement they received your communication.

I know everyone is busy rushing around from one thing to another these days, so please, if someone ‘speaks’ to you, or asks you something, please acknowledge the communication, even if you don’t directly respond to the message.

When you delay responding to someone, they may feel their words were pointless and meant nothing to you, or may even feel that they are invisible or worthless. Similarly they may have the same feelings if you don’t respond to the communication immediately, but instead wait a few hours or days, apologise for the delay in responding, however in this instance I suspect your response may brighten day.

So please don’t ignore others when they ‘speak’ to you, regardless of communication channel, as everyone deserves to be heard and be answered.

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